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Here are some of the most commonly asked questions we get from customers in Canterbury. We have to generalise some answers, and Newstone Solutions can only provide some answers to questions upon inspection of the work.

Who will be carrying out the driveway installation work?
Each driveway or patio installation is supervised directly by Patrick and installed by his team. No 3rd party contractors are used during any part of the work. Each member of the Newstone Solution team is insured and trained to work on driveways, patios and gardens.

What experience do your driveways installers have?
Newstone Solutions have been operating in and around the Canterbury area for over 30 years. We have a skilled team of installers capable of laying paving, tarmac, gravel and resin-bound. We also maintain, repair, convert front gardens and extend driveways.

Other than installing driveways, do you offer any other services?
Yes, we can help with fences and fencing, walls, brick steps, block paved patios, paths and paving.

Do you use 3rd party contractors?
We do not use contractors or sub-contract any of our driveways installation projects or any projects to other companies. Our team of installers handles each job from start to finish.

Will you be onsite every day until the project is complete?
In most cases, once work commences, we will work each day until the job is complete. We do not work weekends unless we feel it's necessary or without your prior agreement.

Will all rubbish associated with the driveway installation be removed and disposed of properly from our property?
Yes, We will remove all rubbish associated with our work from your property upon completion of the job, if not before. At the end of each working day, we will ensure that even where work is not complete that your property is accessible, tidy and safe. We have a waste carrying license that provides us with the proper facilities to dispose of the waste.

How long will my driveway installation take?
Each project is different, and the length of time required to complete the job will vary from project to project depending on the existing surface, the amount of groundwork preparation required, the area to be covered, the materials and method being used and the complexity of the project. We will always give you an estimate of the duration of your driveway or patio installation project. We will communicate with you throughout the job on our progress and our estimated completion date.

What is the lead time for new work? How long will I have to wait before you can start my driveway?
Generally, our lead time is anything from 3 to 5 weeks; however, if you have a particular time frame in mind, please let us know at the quotation stage, and we will let you know if we can accommodate your time frames.

Is your work guaranteed?
Every installation comes with a written guarantee against spreading or sinking. If you have any concerns about your completed driveways installation, please get in touch.

What surface and groundwork is necessary to lay a new drive?
We will make a site visit to assess the job to provide you with a quotation. This will include understanding the existing surface, the groundwork and preparation necessary for the new driveway or patio installation, and any drainage requirements.

Do you require a deposit? When is the balance due?
No deposit is required. However, we may set up a part payment plan during the works on larger projects, but this will be discussed and planned out with you before any works are undertaken.

Can you lower the kerb to make access to my drive easier?
Yes, we provide a dropped kerb service along with our driveway installation services.

Can I drive on my new driveway as soon as you have finished work?
No, we will tape off the driveway or patio once complete and advise you on timescales for removing the tape and using your new drive or patio. Generally, this will be 24 – 48 hours. However, we will advise on each job individually.

Some areas of my block paved drive appear to be sinking. Can you help with a driveway repair?
Yes, we are happy to come out and make an assessment for a drive repair for you. We can provide advice and a quote to address any issues with your block paved or damaged tarmac drive.

Will my new driveway need to have any drainage?
Each driveway project is different, but invariably, drainage needs to be considered. We will assess this at the quotation stage and make sure all necessary driveway drainage is in place.

Do I need planning permission to extend my driveway to include some of my front garden, which is currently grass?
Providing adequate drainage is in place, allowing water to run off to a porous surface, then planning permission should not be necessary. Of course, there are some exceptions to this, and we will assess that with you during the quote.

What kind of paving products do you use?
We use a variety of manufacturers depending on the particular style of product you would like. Our leading supplier for block paving is either Marshalls or Brett. We prefer to source that individually for natural stone, as each batch of rock can drastically vary.

Can you repair and clean my existing driveways for me?
Yes, don't hesitate to contact us for a quotation for a driveway clean, maintenance or repair.

How long will my new driveway last?
If well maintained, your new driveway should last for many years. Lifespan will depend on the type of driveway and materials used. We will be happy to advise on the lifespan of a particular type of driveway at the point of quotation and as we assist you in choosing the type of drive and materials to be used. Good groundwork and professional installation are extremely important.

Which is cheapest, tarmac, gravel, resin or block paving?
Generally gravel is the cheapest option with resin being the most expensive. We can provide a driveway solution for all sizes of budget.

What colours are available for a tarmac drive?
There are many colours available. Black and red are most popular. Please let us know of your colour requirements when you contact us for a quote as red tarmac is slightly more expensive.

Which areas do you cover?
We offer a driveway installation, maintenance and cleaning service around all the regions in Canterbury. These regions include a larger part of Kent as well so please do not hesitate to avail of our services.

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