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Concrete Driveways Canterbury

At Newstone Solutions in Canterbury, we provide an excellent concreting service that includes laying down normal concrete, brushed concrete or imprinted concrete on driveways in Canterbury.

We can put in normal concrete driveways, concrete garage floors and shed bays. With normal concrete, you can opt for a float finish, a tamped finish or a brushed finish to provide some texture on the concrete.

For imprint pattern concrete, you can opt for a range of flourishes and patterns on the concrete ranging from old cobblestone styled patterns to Victorian styled finishes and more.

Along with our concrete services, we provide other options such as laying gravel driveways in Canterbury or laying new patios in Canterbury.

A broom-finished imprinted concrete Ireland installation can be a good idea, too while stamping the driveway’s edges with a brick-styled border. For an interesting finish, we can use a burnt crimson shade for the border.

If you wish to get more ideas for an imprinted concrete driveway in Canterbury, speak to one of our technicians on 01227 915013. We can even give you a quick and free estimate for laying concrete, brushed concrete or imprinted concrete at your home.

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