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Gravel Driveways in Canterbury

Newstone Solutions provides an affordable and quality service for laying gravel driveways in Canterbury. We source only the best quality gravel stones to give our customers the best choice in gravel stone colours for the front or back of their home.

We are experts at designing and installing gravel and shingle driveways to suit any outdoor areas, ranging from standard gravel driveways to gravel flower beds, gravel drainage areas and gravel pathways.

Newstone Solutions can install gravel driveways in Canterbury quickly, cost less than paving (huge savings on larger areas), is permeable. Hence, surface water is never a problem and, provided it's maintained once in a while, can last for many years to come.

Along with gravel, our paving contractors in Canterbury provide other options such as tarmac installations and resin driveway installations.

The most common type of gravel driveway that we install in Canterbury uses the 16mm to 20mm gravel from the Cotswold range (gold colour). During our FREE quote, which you can get by calling our team on 01227 915013, we can discuss your driveway or patio options and provide you with design choices including bordering, granite edging, kerbing and other bespoke choices for your gravel driveway in Canterbury.

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