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Patios in Canterbury

Are you looking to get a new patio laid in Canterbury? Why not give Newstone Solutions a call on 01227 915013 to discuss it with one of our patio installers. We can provide you with a range of options to choose from,, including laying concrete slabbing, flagstones, natural stone, and more. Custom-tailored and designed to suit you and your requirements.

We can transform any patio or garden area using a range of hardscaping products such as brick walling, wooden fencing, granite stone and more. We have other options available to go along with your patio area such as laying new lawns in Canterbury, tree removals and more.

Patio Contractors

There is an incredible range of solutions to choose from to suit every taste and budget, from expensive Indian Limestone or York stone to affordable concrete slabs in a range of styles. We have over 20 years of experience with all types of natural and manufactured concrete products. We would be delighted to help advise you on the best match for your garden area.

Newstone Solutions can build you a new patio in Canterbury, that we will customise to suit you. Once we have designed it for you and are happy to proceed, we will highlight the areas and walk you through the installation process,, keeping you informed the whole way until the completed patio installation.

When you want a new patio fitted in Canterbury, you can rely on our patio builders to design and build it for you at an unbeatable price.

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