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Driveway Cleaning

Who better to clean your driveway or patio in Canterbury than a specialist at fitting them. We provide a high-quality restoration service for power washing and cleaning down driveways, patios and pathways.

We can clean down and restore block paving using our power washing system, fixing any loose or damaged blocks and re-grouting the paving once completed. You can opt to have the block paving sealed for extra effect, which will help restore any lost colour and protect against further colour loss.

Cleaning and Sealing Services Include:

  • Tarmac sealing
  • Power washing driveways
  • Cleaning patios
  • Block paving sealing
  • Sandstone grouting
  • Patio jointing
  • Mortar grouting

On tarmac driveways, we can wash down them and reseal them using a bitumen sealing agent to help restore the colour and the elasticity of the tarmac.

We can remove all the old grout and jointing in patio areas, remove the old grime and algae build up, and joint the slabbing again to finish. We recommend not only sealing your patio slabbing if you have sandstone or similar but also using a resin grout instead of a mortar grout. Resin grout is a superior product that will help keep the weeds and grass out for a longer period.

If you have larger problems with your driveway or patio, it might be more cost-effective to replace them simply. You can learn about our patio installation services for Canterbury or our block paving in Canterbury here.

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