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New Driveway Laid With Gravel in Canterbury, Kent

New Driveway With Gravel and Granite Path in Canterbury, Kent

Here is a new driveway installation completed using a combination of gravel and a granite stone pathway which winds it was through the entire driveway area.

We renovated the old driveway and took out a significant portion of the grass area as well to extend it. We created a pathway that would run through the driveway ensuring enough space was left a car to park easily beside it.

The pathway was laid using a natural granite stone slab and a granite brick border around it. An elevated step was built matching the pathway at the front door as well.

The driveway itself was laid on a permeable base foundation and weed block underneath it. This is very important in allowing water to drain down through the surface and inhibit weed growth in the new driveway. The gravel was a gold mix we used of 14mm - 18mm stone. Smaller stone size is not recommended for vehicle use as it will crush over a period of time into dust.

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