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Driveway Installation in Margate, Kent

New Driveway With Block Paving in Margate, Kent

Another project completed by Newstone Solutions in Margate, Kent. The original area was a simple concrete footpath leading from the pavement to the front door with the rest being a grave / grass garden area.

We renovated the entire area including the long steps leading to the front door. The levels were altered to ensure a more even leveled driveway and we put in a Type 1 MOT foundation base.

New front door step was built, drainage system, flat top edging kerbs across the front and a small brick on edge around the gulley underneath the front window was installed.

The block paving was laid down on river washed sharp sand in a 45 degree pattern with a main colour of brindle from Marshalls Driveline, charcoal bordering and a diamond featured apron at the start using a buff coloured paving brick to create some contrast.

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